If the ambassador is kidnapped and there are no clues, who are you going to call. Of course it will be the BPA (the Pentagon's secret Bureau of Psychic Affairs). Can banks of computers correlating the data from a host of psychics find the solution in time? Stay tuned.

I watched a scientist/debunker on television. He claimed that there is no such thing as psychic abilities, and even if some experiments have found a positive result, the advantage is too small to be of any practical use. His statements had all the appearances of disinformation. As a scientist he must know that, if you are diligent enough the tiniest signal hidden in the noise can be enhanced. I started to write an article for the International Fortean Journal suggesting that by employing a number of psychics with a slightly above chance results you might be able to "Amplify" the phenomena. After deciding that it would be more fun to present the concepts as a fictional account, I enlisted the aid of a number of my LARP friends and about 20 agreed to play parts in my video.

Most of the scenes were shot about a year ago. Equipment failure and unavailabilty of Panasonic parts delayed work for about 6 months, but I have started editing again. We still need to tape the shoot out/rescue scene and it has been so long that it may be hard getting the actors back together ( I hope that Gus and Hugh still have beards). The portion that is completed, is not as crisp as I had hoped and I would like to start from scratch, but have too many other things going on (retirement is a full time job). So I will finish the production such as it is and maybe try to enter it in some Sci Fi Video Contests.

copyright David Singer 1998