These LINKs are in general to sites of LARPers, Forteans, Friends and all of the above.
The Page of Marq: "I'm your father Luke" - "You're not my father the Gypsies left you". That conversation, was years ago, and here is a link to Luke er I mean Marq's page. He knows a lot about this JAVA stuff.
The Reverend Mothman's Online caffeine Shrine and Bat Appreciation Zone: His Holiness is both a Fortean and a LARPer. Other topics to be found on his site include non-traditional religion, Celtic Culture and general weirdness. .
The Fabulous Bungalow: The Bungaloids have raised the annual Haloween Party to a real art form. Their web pages include both movie and book reviews. .
The Joan Wendland Homepage: Her website is dedicated to Obscure Movies, Aimation and Parties. Joan has run some classic LARP events. .
Virginia Interactive Arts: Information about their LARP events. Resources for 1920s and occult based role playing scenarios.
Margaret Collins' Homepage: Canadian Eh?
J. Gordon Olmstead-Dean:
Barking Mad Productions: Gamemasters to the Super Heroes
Spider Chronicles Productions: Walk Like an Egyptian Curiouser than Most
Lesser Kudos:
Stephanie's Chick Page:
Puggles Page:
Ed's Hiking/Outdoor Guide:

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