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Samuel and Ester Hazelton and Family

Samuel Hazelton born about 1865 was the eldest son of Phineas Hazelton and Mary Hopps. He married Esther Crump, probably in the early 1890s. Ester was born in 1871 and died in 1961. Samuel owned a sawmill and later ran a grocery stor in Greentown, PA. Samuel was also Justice of the Peace and Esther made hats and dreses

The children of Samuel and Esther were:

1.	 Elizabeth (Singer)
2.	 Cathering (Grimm) 
3.	 Dorthea (Finneran)
2.	 Francis (Hazer) 
3.	 Marjorie (Erhardt)
6. ..............Rachel (Singer)
7.	 Gladys (Haag)
8.	 Richard
9.	 Caroline (Shaffer)
10.	 Malcom

. Samuel and Ester on their wedding Day

. Samuel Hazelton

. Most of the Siblings

. 3 Sisters, Rachael in the Center

. Samuel Hazelton

. Esther Hazelton

. A Hazelton Family Reunion

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