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George and Rachel Singer and Family

George and Rachel were married on June 19, 19??. Since Rachel was no longer teaching, they decided to build an inn on the newly constructed Lake Walenpaupack. It was named the Silver Birches and opened in July 1929. George was busy with his lumber business so the management of the Inn became Rachelís primary responsibility. A few months after the grand opening, the country was in the Great Depression so the business did not do too well the first few years. But in spite of the economic situation, they managed to provide work for a number of people by keeping both businesses going. For Rachelís remembrances of this time click here.

 They also managed to fit the birth of three children into their busy schedules. 
 Their Children were:
1.	 Dorthea (Dolly) (Denman) 19   
2.	 Rosemarie (Rosie) Hamilton 19   
3.	 George (David) 1938  

In 1941 they decided to sell the Silver Birches and move Georgeís lumber business 
to New Yorkís Catskill mountains.

. Rachel

. George
. The Silve Birches

. George and David

. The Plane



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