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George Singer and Rachel Hazelton

George Singer was born February 12, 1902, one of the youngest in a family of 10 childrten. In addition to working on the family farm, the boys all spent a good deal of time hunting and fishing. Not too fond of school, George would frequently play hookey to go fishing in the Paupack river. The teacher in the one room school house was frequently drunk and one day in the 8th grade, after a fight with the teacher, George left school for good. At the age of 19 he first started working in the lumber business. He later borrowed some money from his father, started his own business, and built the first of the many sawmills that he would operate throughout his lifetime.

. George Singer

. His first Sawmill

Rachael Hazelton was born November 1, 1900 a middle child in a family of 10 children. Each child had assigned family chores and Rachael was frequently tasked with helping with her mother's hat making business. Rachael graduated from Newfoundlad Highschool in 1920 and soon after began teaching school herself.

. Rachael .

. Highschool Basketball .

In the 1920s a teachers certificate could be obtained with only a highschool education and Rachael soon started teaching in one room country school houses. For her rememberances about country schools and teaching click here.
After securing a position as teacher for the Tafton school, she needed to 
find room and board nearby. She found an available room with the Charles 
Singer family which is how she first met George Singer. They were married 
about 1928, and later built and managed the Silver Birches Inn. They had 
three children Dorthea (Dolly), Rosemarie (Rosie) and George (David).
 For details on the George and Rachel Singer family click here.

. 13 Students graduated in 1920

. Yearbook Picture .