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Francis and Bertha Singer and Family

The Passenger manifest for the ship Oneida arriving at the Port of New York on the 19th of October, 1849, lists a 22 year old Franz Joseph Singer. Franz was born March 1, 1819, in Weingarten, Baden, Germany and a family story tells that he owned a lace making company which failed at which time he emigrated to the US and became a farmer. The family pronounced his name Fran-cee and records show that he used the name Francis. In 1854, 35 year old Francis married the 15 year old Bertha Frank. They would have 15 children, however, some sources suggest 18 children perhaps including those who died at birth. He died April 30, 1895 at the age of 76 and was burried in the old Paupack Cemetery, Paupack, Pike County, PA.

Bertha Frank was born May 5, 1839 in Zedadin, Kingdom of Saught, Saxony, Germany. She died Feb. 13, 1916 at the age of 77 and is burried in the old Paupack Cemetery.

Children of Bertha Frank and Franz Joseph Singer are: 

1.	 Lewis A. SINGER b: 2 Aug 1856 in Palmayra, Pike Co.PA.
2.	 Laura B SINGER b: 3 Oct 1857 in Palmyra, Pike Co.PA.
3.	 Francis Bell SINGER b: 25 Jan 1859 in Palmyra , Pike Co.PA.
4.	 Mary SINGER b: 16 May 1860 in Palmyra, Pike Co., PA.
5.	 Lucy Anna SINGER b: 6 Feb 1862 in Palmyra, Pike Co., Pa.
6.	 John Joseph SINGER b: 24 Apr 1863 in Palmyra, Pike Co.PA.
7. ................Charles W. SINGER b: 4 Oct 1864 in Palmyra,Pike Co.,Pennsylvania
8.	 Caroline F. SINGER b: 18 Aug 1866 in Palmyra, Pike Co.,PA.
9.	 Louise SINGER b: 12 May 1868 in Palmyra, Pike Co., PA.
10.	 Helen SINGER b: 5 Jan 1870 in Palmyra, Pike Co.PA.
11.	 August SINGER b: 18 May 1872 in Palmyra, Pike Co.PA.
12.	 William SINGER b: Oct 1873 in PA.
13.	 George L. SINGER b: 15 Jan 1875 in Paupack, Pike Co., Pa.
14.	 Agnes Isobel SINGER b: 17 May 1876 in PA.
15.	 Tillie SINGER b: 4 Aug 1881