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Charles and Caroline Singer and Family

Charles W. Singer was born October 4, 1864 in Palmyra, Pike Co.,Pennsylvania. The 1930 census lists his occupation as Poultry Farmer.

Caroline Bertha DELLING was born October 5, 1866 in Blooming Grove,Pike Co., Pennsylvania. Her parents who were Charles Delling and Caroline Bloss were born in Saxony, Germany. Her family sometimes called her Carrie.

On May 6, 1887 in the German parsonage, in the Villiage of Hawley, PA. Charles and Caroline were Married. Their Children were:

1.	 ? Singer 1887
2.	 Helen Mabel Singer b: 11 Mar 1888 
3.	 Emmeline F. Singer b: 27 Aug 1890
4.	 Leslie G. Singer b: 22 May 1893 
5.	 Florenze Singer b: 4 Apr 1895 
6.	 Bertha Kathleen Singer b: 23 Feb 1897 
7.	 Herman W. Singer b: 23 Apr 1898 
8.	 Winifred Matilda Singer b: May 1900
9. ..............George W. Singer b: 12 Feb 1902
10.	 Clinton E. Singer b: 26 Jan 1904 
11.	 Grace D. Singer b: Abt 1906 died 1915

In addition to working on the family farm, the Singer boys all grew up hunting and fishing. Several of the older sons served in WW I and Herman returned with a leg wound. Some of the girls became teachers. Clinton and his family continued to live in the family home with his mother and father. In 1937 Charles and Caroline celebrated their 50 wedding anniversary. Click for their wedding anniversary story.

Caroline died in 1942 and Charles lived with Clintom's family until his death in 1948. 
Caroline's obituary report.  
. Charles Singer Family

. Four Generations

. Florenze served in WW I

. Grace died at an early age

. Helen, Emmaline, Leslie


. Tillie, George, Clinton

. Wheels

. Charles and Caroline

. Fisherman

. Charles and Grandaughter

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