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For my web page devoted to whitewater kayaking, I have started with a shot of my last summer's run of Lower Keeney on the New River. There are some Kayaking links listed below including my whitewater photo gallery. You can also check my Page 2. on Video Making and LARP and Page 3. is about Forteana and Living the Good Life ie. Retirement.


    W. C. Fields once said something like "It was a woman who 
drove me to drink, ... I've always wanted to thank her". Carrie 
got me into kayaking, as the only way  I could see her on 
weekends was to take up the sport. Our two year wedding 
anniversary was in August. Thanks Carrie.
    Above is Carrie popping an ender on the Potomac and
running a falls on the Chatooga.

                             KAYAKING LINKS
           There are several Canoe/kayak clubs in the 
     Washington DC area and some people belong to all 
     of them. The BRV is currently putting their web pages
     togeather, and CCC and Monocacy have good 
     informative pages.

Links to Kayaking sites and Pictures

VideoDave's Kayak Photo Gallery: Kayaking Action on the Colorado, French Broad, & Cheat with links to more Pictures
National Paddling Film Festival: 1998 Entries included my Grand Canyon Documentary
Monocacy Canoe Club Homepage: Canoe/Kayaking in DC Area
CCA Homepage: Canoe/Kayaking in DC Area
More Kayaking Links :More Group and Personal Home Pages
Rec.Boats.Paddle : A Canoe/Kayaking News Group


Dave's Video, LARP, Forteana, & Retirement Pages

Dave's Page2 - VideoMaking & LARPing : Fun with Videography and what on Earth is a LARP
Dave's Page3 - Forteans & Retirement : Forteana is all about Strangeness & Retirement is about Enjoying Life
VideoDave's Guest Book: Please Sign in and Tell me who Visited here