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Satelite Imagery, Showing our House

Our Retirement Home

With retirement we found less tolerance for the rush of living in the D.C. area. When Carrie also retired, we found a nice quiet place in West Virginia that would become our home base. The house is on a hill overlooking the Potomac river (flat water, but only 10 miles from some nice white water at Harpers Ferry) and weather permitting there should be some fair skiing nearby. The property is great, but the house was a bit small (1800 sq. ft.) for a couple of "pack rats". After a number of plans, we finally came up with something afordable and recently finished an addition that add's about 600 sq. ft.

The 4.8 acre lot is steep with many rock outcropings, unfortunately, about 1.5 acres are grass that needs to be mowed. We hope to plant a lot of fast growing plants to crowd out the lawn and let the section that borders on the river, just go wild. We have done a lot of planting and landscaping and turned an unusable above ground swiming pool into a pond and waterfalls.


. Our pond and waterfalls:


The satellite imagery showing our house was obtained from the Terraserver web site. Most of the earth has been photographed by satellite cameras and if you enter the longitude and latitude of your home, maybe you can see what your house looks like from space. A link to Terraserver is provided below.

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