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Welcome to the Members Only section of the GEG website!

 GEG 2004 Calendar:  NOTHING has been planned for GEG for 2004.  If you have an interest in future GEG meetings contact Sheri Garner at 304/876-0906 or    More help is needed next year as Sheri will be taking a less active role.

The Recipes page is now on line.  Check it out for Member's favorites.

Shortcuts (Canonical Names) to frequently used pages can now be used.  They are:
These URL's will take you directly to the page without going to "About GEG" first.

The Member Search feature under Membership List has been simplified.  You can still do an advanced search if needed.

The Photos page has been updated with new photos from recent meetings. 

Check the Garden Tips page for meeting handouts, ideas and tips, and information from published sources. 

Got a plant question? You may find the answer on the Favorite Plants page.  This page will eventually be searchable. 

You can update your email address or other info on the Membership List page.  To add an alias address, contact aliases @

Mailing Lists
A mailing list is a way for members to communicate with each other via e-mail on garden related topics.  Several mailing lists are available, and you have been automatically subscribed to the "Members" and "Newsletter" mailing lists if we have your email address.  For more information about the mailing lists, how to subscribe, unsubscribe, and how to send messages to each list, click here

Website Contents:

The About GEG page has information about the Gardeners' Exchange Group, membership benefits, and an application form.  If you know someone who wants to join GEG, start here! 

The Exchange List page lists plants, seeds, information, and general gardening stuff that the generous members of GEG have offered to exchange with (or give away to) you, and has requests for specific plants members would like to have. 

The FAQ page contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

The Favorite Plants page has an extensive list of plants that do well locally, complete with cultural information. Pat and Bob are working on making this information searchable. 

The Garden Tips page has three subsections to choose from: meeting handouts, ideas and tips, and information from published sources. 

The Local Sources page lists the names, addresses, and specialties of Local Nurseries, Herb Suppliers, Bulb Providers, and other sources of garden materials in the local area.

The Maps page contains maps and directions to the upcoming meetings and events. 

The Meetings & Events page lists the dates and topics of the upcoming GEG meetings and other local gardening events in the coming year. 

The Membership List page is your gateway to updating your own personal information as well as finding other members' names, addresses (both home and e-mail), phone number and interests.

The Monthly Newsletters page contains links to past issues of the GEG newsletters. 

The Online Sources page contains links to many Internet sites of interest to gardeners. 

The Photos page contains photographs of recent GEG meetings and other events. 

The Recipes page has favorite recipes contributed by Members.  If you'd like to add one of your favorites, click the link on the bottom of that page.

The Seasonal Chores page provides a handy checklist of gardening chores by month. 

The Website Commitee page contains links to the minutes and notes of the past GEG Website Committee meetings and other related material. 

The Wildflowers page lists many places to see wildflowers and what you will see at each, as well as recommendations on wildflower books. 

The Search page allows you to search the entire site by entering one or more keywords or a phrase.  If you remember something from this website but can't remember where you saw it, this is the place to start. 

The Logoff link returns you to the sign-in page allowing you to re-enter the site, perhaps with a different e-mail address.  This link is useful for two or more GEG members who share a single computer. 

Questions or Comments about this page?

Please contact us at

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